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    Service Scheduling

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    Cloud based. No more messy paperwork.

    Service Management Software

Modern Service Management Software. Call of Service makes it easy to track and schedule service jobs, dispatch jobs to field workforce and enhance customer service. Our cloud-based service will shave hours off your valuable time and optimize labor costs.

Smarter Way to Manage Field Service Business

More optimized scheduling, less labor hours wasted

Staff Scheduling Software Staff Scheduling
Field Service Management Customer Management
Mobile Workforce Management Job Dispatching
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Smart Analytics

Manage your service business, the Easy way Try it for 21 days Free. It takes less than 10 minutes to start.

Just some of the benefits

Faster Scheduling

Quickly schedule your mobile staff using drag and drop

One Low Monthly Price

Avoid $X,XXX in hardware & setup fees with our low cost monthly billing

Raise Labor Productivity

Maximize labor utilization. Utilize every dollar

Access from Anywhere

Control your company's labor schedule from any device

Track your business

Use our dashboard to keep track of the big picture

Personalized Customer Service

Give customers more intelligent, faster service by keeping their service history all in one place

Get up and running in less than 10 minutes

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Field service management software called to make your life easier

Our software is designed with you in mind

  • Schedule and reschedule in seconds
  • Review job status online
  • Check job and customer details
  • Send automatic email and SMS reminders to your staff and clients
  • Generate invoices and estimates and send invoices to QuickBooks
  • Track payment history and customers debt
  • Find job locations on Google maps
  • Track your staff’s movements in real time on the map
  • Create and share comprehensive reports

Try Call of Service right now! It takes less than 10 minutes to get started. Don’t buy a pig in a poke – sign up for our free trial version and see all the advantages in action!

6 more benefits of our field service scheduling software

Higher efficiency

Using software for field service management enables you to assign jobs in just a few clicks. Your staff will immediately have access to all the necessary information on the task and services required with customer’s contact details.

Resource optimization

Minimize the downtime and stop wasting precious resources. Save time and money by assigning jobs to available staff based on their location. This way, your staff will always be on time for the job which will earn you extra points from customers.


Track your staff movements and task completion in real time. No need to interrogate! Now you can check the time your employees arrive and leave the site yourself.

Happy customers

Receive customer requests much faster and respond momentarily. And nothing makes customers more satisfied than a timely service.

Faster Billing

Send invoices and reminders to customers in timely manner. And allow customers to pay online by credit card. Send invoices to QuickBooks

Competitive edge

While your competitors still manage their business on paper and type reports in Excel, switch to field service management software and leap ahead.