Work Order Management for Service Business

A Smart Choice when it comes to work order and job management software for mobilized teams and service-related businesses

Call of Service takes the effort out of coordinating work orders with your staff by providing an efficient, easy-to-use, online system for managing work orders in a centralized way, and from any internet-connected computer or smart device. No longer are your work orders going to be misinterpreted, lost, or forgotten, when you and your team manage the job orders of your business using a single service. We empower you to issue, track and manage the state of all work orders passing through your business efficiently and in a more timely way.

Whether you're a small team with a handful of employees, or a large organization with hundreds of employees/contractors, you and your team members can work more effectively using the Call of Service work order software platform. Our platform is versatile isn't industry specific, but instead we provide a flexible and lightweight system that you plugs in to service business with ease. Call of Service workforce scheduling software works well for all service related trades and industries including:

  • Cleaning Service
  • Pest Control
  • Home Improvement
  • Mobile Mechanic
  • Doors Maintenance
  • Windows & Blinds
  • Maintenance Service
  • HVAC Service
  • Plumbing Service

ANY service-related business with a mobilized team will benefit from our work order software.

Efficient delivery of work orders to contractors out in the field

Your employees no longer need to return to the office to collect new work, or check in by phone with your management team to see 'What's next?'. This means more work done per contractor, per day, and a quieter office that can focus on developing more business rather than getting caught up in the busy-work and administration. A work order management system like ours also allows your service agents to visualize their work order on multi-resrouce calendar eliminating the chance of double booking and optimize staff utilization.

These days, everyone in your team has a smart device on them and so contractors can easily use the Call of Service phone app or web-based work order system, wherever they are, and whenever they need to. Traditional paper work orders can (and so often) get damaged, lost, or are misunderstood due to poor handwriting etc. This problem becomes a thing of the past with the centralized, digital work order processing system Call of Service provides.

Have your contractors update their work order status from the field, so you can see how the job went, that they are finished and are moving on to the next job, add notes and attach images and files, all on the fly. With Call of Service, everybody in your team has access to the very latest information, and being this informed helps improve your response times and your business' ability to flex with changing demands.

Your contractors don't earn your business money when at the office, or when traveling when they don't need to. Call of Service work order management software can eliminate many of these challenges making your service more profitable with the same resources.

Get paid faster with timelier invoicing. When a work order is completed, and your contractor or employee updates the work order status as 'complete', you know that the job is done and the work can be invoiced to your clients and you can get paid faster.

Your return on investment in Call of Service can be VERY fast.

Enjoy all the features provided by navigating to Features page

Work Order Management

Centralized work order management with remote access from any internet connected device.

Job Dispatching

Dispatch detailed work orders to your staff with ease, Alerts for your staff when their work orders have been rescheduled or updated with new information.

Centeralized Data Store

Two-way updating of work orders to ensure both your work order coordinators AND your deployed workforce are on the same page at all times.

Risk Free Trial

A trial of Call of Service represents ZERO risk and ZERO commitment and you can use our service for a full 21 days before you commit, so you'll KNOW it's right for you. We're confident that once you trial our work order management system, you won't look back.

How do you get started? All we need to get you started is your email address and you're away! No credit card/payment information is required for the trial, so you can get started in just seconds and we're not locking you in.

Do you have any questions before your trial? No problems. We're here to help, and talk you through the simple startup process, as well as show you smart ways that the Call of Service work order software can help 'grease the wheels' of your business when managing work orders and tasks for your contractors and service agents.