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Work Order Management for Cleaning Service

A Smart Choice when it comes to cleaning service work order and job management software

One of the most telling marks of a high quality cleaning service is the ability of the staff to be punctual. Nothing is more irritating to a client than late arriving workers or professionals who are unable to complete a job in a timely manner. However, a common reason for delayed or missed cleaning appointments is not that the employees were subpar but that the scheduling system being used by management is inadequate. With proper service management software from Call of Service, no longer will you have to worry about your cleaning service receiving bad reviews for not being on time.

ANY service-related business with a mobilized team will benefit from our work order software.

Efficient delivery of work orders to cleaners out in the field

The management software available from Call of Service has two distinct advantages for the on-demand service industry: it eliminates paperwork and provides faster scheduling. If your employees are relying on paper schedules or returning calls to the office to determine their next appointment, you are missing out on labor productivity and costing your company money. With the drag and drop capabilities of Call of Service, scheduling employees is both simple and dynamic. Plus, you can access our service management software from any device, giving you maximum control of scheduling your cleaning appointments.

Not only will service management software from Call of Service ensure that your cleaning company is staying on task, it will increase the ability for your staff to be at the right job, on time, every time. Register for a free, 21-day trial and start scheduling your workforce with Call of Service in less than 10 minutes to eliminate paper schedules and increase productivity of your cleaning service workforce today.

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Work Order Management

Centralized work order management with remote access from any internet connected device.

Job Dispatching

Dispatch detailed work orders to your staff with ease, Alerts for your staff when their work orders have been rescheduled or updated with new information.

Centeralized Data Store

Two-way updating of work orders to ensure both your work order coordinators AND your deployed workforce are on the same page at all times.

Risk Free Trial

A trial of Call of Service represents ZERO risk and ZERO commitment and you can use our service for a full 21 days before you commit, so you'll KNOW it's right for you. We're confident that once you trial our work order management system, you won't look back.

How do you get started? All we need to get you started is your email address and you're away! No credit card/payment information is required for the trial, so you can get started in just seconds and we're not locking you in.

Do you have any questions before your trial? No problems. We're here to help, and talk you through the simple startup process, as well as show you smart ways that the Call of Service work order software can help 'grease the wheels' of your business when managing work orders and tasks for your cleaners and service agents.