Your Business Needs Text and Email Reminders

Your Business Needs Text and Email Reminders

Have you ever scheduled an appointment with a client only for them to never show up? How often does those clients reschedule? Probably not often. Unfortunately, this happens to many small business owners. The solution is painfully simple–reminders! Email reminders are good, but texting reminders are better. Why not do both? Let’s look at the benefits:

Save Your Customers

A customer who misses their appointment with you may not give your business a second chance. Make sure they remember their appointment. You may have a returning customer on your hands.

Stay Relevant

People have begun to embrace technology and trust it now more than ever. Clients get emails and texts sent straight to their cell phones and can check them at a moment’s notice. What better way to stay relevant than to send them reminders about their appointments? Call of Service has the technology you need to stay up-to-date and connected with your clients.

Save Money

If you have a reminder system already in place, chances are you are mailing out reminder cards. This means you are paying for postage, printing, and paper. Stop paying for all these time-consuming and expensive materials and use something practically free: the Internet. Your clients may be losing their reminders in the midst of bills. Don’t let this happen!

Contact Call of Service today to learn about our software and how it can help you. Our products will revolutionize the way you interact with customers and how you do business. We look forward to changing your business–for the better. Let’s eliminate the paper.

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