Seven Problems with Paperwork (for Tradesmen and Fieldworkers)

Seven Problems with Paperwork (for Tradesmen and Fieldworkers)

Paperwork has long been a necessary evil in business; quotes, invoices, receipts, notes, diaries, calendars, reports and more – all form a critical part of the operation of a business, as well as being the ‘treacle’ that slows it down and gets in the way.

While we’re not quite at the point where paperwork can be completely eliminated, we ARE at a point where the prevalence of digital devices IS helping to REDUCE the quantity of paperwork our businesses must handle day-to-day.  For trade related businesses and especially for those with service agents out in the field, this dependency on the use of ‘dead-tree products’ is dropping fast with the adoption and use of professional, digital administrative support systems from mobile devices.

Tradies prefer their gadgets over their paperwork

Tradies prefer their gadgets over their paperwork

The benefits of paperwork reduction and the adoption of such systems for trade-oriented businesses is clear, and are several fold:

1. Things don’t get lost

The work orders and other documents are all available online, the invoices and receipts can be emailed, and the tradesmen, office administrators and clients alike can all read them!

2. ‘Digital paperwork’ stays ‘presentable’

Trades are often messy industries and despite best efforts, paperwork will occasionally get dirty, crumpled up or ripped.  Tablets and smartphones just wipe clean!

3. Productivity

Misplaced or spoiled paperwork can mean return trips to the office, meaning your team is wasting time travelling rather than doing the work. With all of the information online and accessible from a mobile device, these extra trips to the office disappear.

4. Get (some) admin work done on site

Client record and job completion updates can be done on site, reducing the need for data entry back at the office.  It also allows for the accurate clarification of tasks and details on site rather than from memory (or guessing!) later.

5. Work greener

While not impacting your bottom line significantly, a reduction in the amount of paperwork will make a small contribution to reducing the impact your business has on the environment.  Many customers also express a preference to work with more environmentally sound service providers, and this can be a point of difference when evaluating provider choice.

6. You’re a contemporary workplace moving with the times

Using a largely paperless, digital system can energise your team over the least appealing parts of their work.  No one likes paperwork, and the use of smart systems can, (although not always) introduce a more pleasant way of managing the necessary administrative work.  There’s another factor here, and that’s in how your clients perceive your business if it uses smarter systems rather than the old-school systems of yesterday.

7. It’s just better!

It’s just better to have have/use/deal with less paper – just keep your devices charged!

Call of Service helps many service industries cut down on paper through its professional work order management system.  Our system is easy to use, intuitive, both for your service agents and back-office staff, and you can be up and running in just a couple of minutes.  Be well on your way to solving many of the paperwork issues above, TODAY with our free 30-day, no risk trial.

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