Scheduling Made Simple with Call of Service’s Staff Scheduling Software

Staff scheduling software from Call of Service

Scheduling Made Simple with Call of Service’s Staff Scheduling Software

Many small business owners quickly find themselves drowning in paperwork, and often times something as essential as creating a staff schedule can get lost in the mix. However, creating an employee schedule does not have to be another time consuming task that takes away from running your business. In fact, with staff scheduling software from Call of Service, properly scheduling your employees can become one of the easier things to handle.

The small business management software from Call of Service includes a powerful yet easy to use interface for scheduling. From setting daily schedules to assigning jobs and tasks, Call of Service incorporates a number of highly useful features that simplify scheduling. Not only can you track the progress of an assigned task, you can also add job details and important information on the fly. For example, one of the benefits of our job management software is that you or your staff could attach field notes to specific job sites, allowing your employees to maximize their efficiency. Additionally, our staff scheduling software utilizes map integration so that your employees have up to date, real-time maps which coincide with their assigned tasks. Plus, with the progress tracking integrated into Call of Service’s job management software, you will always have a current status report for your employees which can allow you to better schedule their time at work.

Call of Service’s job management software is a priceless tool for small business owners wishing to improve upon staff scheduling. With dynamic, easy to use staff scheduling software, you can take charge of your small business and begin maximizing the efficiency of your labor force and create more productive schedules on the fly. Try our job management software for free with a 21-day trial today and see how Call of Service can improve your small business. Register now!

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