3 Marketing Lessons Your Service Business Can Learn from Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go for Service Businesses

3 Marketing Lessons Your Service Business Can Learn from Pokémon Go

If you haven’t heard of Pokémon Go by now, you must be trying really hard to avoid it.

In less than a week, Pokémon Go took the world by storm in early July and has been growing quickly ever since.

If you’ve been anywhere with a decent population density, you’ve probably seen people with their heads down, buried in their phones.

But not in the usual way, texting and looking at social media as they walk from one place to another.

No, they’re staring at their phones in front of bushes, peering through storefronts, and heading off the beaten path to get closer to bodies of water.

These people are hunting for animated creatures in the augmented reality-based mobile game.

On the surface, Pokémon Go is a fun mobile game whose popularity is as intriguing as the game itself is entertaining.

But under the guise of superficial fun, the app has led to some real business results—Nintendo’s valuation has increased by an estimated $7.5 billion thanks to the game.

So how did this mobile game skyrocket to such astounding popularity after only a few days?

Most of it boils down to a handful of expertly implemented marketing principles, all of which you can use to promote your own company and products.

By creating a strong brand, building strong relationships with your customers through regular engagement and loyalty rewards, and leveraging social proof of the quality service you provide, you too can capture a bit of the magic that’s made Pokémon Go such a huge hit.

A Strong Brand Pays Off Time and Again

Pokémon Go actually isn’t the first augmented reality game of its kind.

The company who created it, Niantic, actually released a similar location-based mobile game, Ingress back in 2012.

Maybe you’ve heard of it, but you probably haven’t, and it’s not necessarily because that game was poorly made.

One of the biggest advantages Pokémon Go has over Ingress is a strong brand.

Granted, Pokémon is a brand that’s been consistently developing for more than 20 years, even if you’re company isn’t that old there are still plenty of ways you can build and leverage a strong brand in your service business.

Building a strong brand not only helps you expand your potential customer base through increased awareness, the trust that comes with it makes it much easier to convert those potential customers into repeat customers.

A great logo and modern, well-designed website are easy and obvious ways to impress and grow your list of potential customers.

But branding extends beyond the look and feel of your website and marketing materials, to the way that your customers experience your company at every step from discovery to post-sale support.

Does your company have a solid content marketing strategy?

What do people think of your customer service and support?

These are some of the deeper elements of branding that, when done well, can have a huge impact on your trust and awareness in the marketplace.

Build Strong Relationships with Your Customers Through Regular Engagement and Loyalty Rewards

One of the most powerful elements of Pokémon Go that keeps users coming back for more is the consistent satisfaction they feel using the app.

The more they play, the more in-game rewards they get like new Pokémon, taking over gyms, and beating rival factions.

As a service business, you can provide a similar experience to your customers by involving them in the process, regularly providing useful information, and rewarding loyalty through discounts.

An easy way almost any service business can do this is by regular updates on behind the scenes progress.

For example, a home contractor working on a remodel for a customer could provide their customers with blueprints to get feedback, regular progress updates, and estimates of whether or not the project is on track.

This regular communication keeps the customer confident that things are moving forward and their wants are being heard and incorporated into the project.

Another great way to provide that consistent, engaging experience is by providing customers with helpful content.

That home contractor might send customers information on the latest trends in kitchen remodelling.

Or an HVAC consultant could provide a customer with resources to help them cut down energy costs.

Small gestures like these go a long way in gaining your customers trust and appreciation, which will lead to more repeat business and referrals.

Check out our service business software, with features like scheduling and customer email and SMS, it will help you make that consistent connection a regular part of doing business.

And be sure to build on those small consistent gestures by rewarding customers for that repeat business and those referrals.

And just like Pokémon Go, your goal should be to reward every lead regularly to turn them into a lifelong customer.

One easy way to do this is by creating a referral program, where customers receive discounts on their next service for every referral they send you.

Another great way to build loyalty is through a milestone rewards system.

For example, a pest control service could offer 25-40% off every 5th visit.

Check out tools like Campaigned and ExpectReferrals to start building your customer loyalty programs today.

Social Proof Counts for a Whole Lot

Thanks to our immediately connected, highly communicative, social media-integrated world, social proof is everything in the 21st century.

Most of your potential customers won’t use your service unless someone else has reviewed it first.

And most of them won’t even notice your business unless they hear someone else talking about it.

Pokémon Go didn’t run a giant, costly ad campaign in order to achieve its success.

They leveraged social media to let their fans do the marketing for them.

And like Pokémon Go, you don’t need to run a weighty ad campaign to grow your business either.

Sure, it’s a much different game (pun intended) than marketing your service business, but the same principles can be applied.

There’s no more powerful lead acquisition tool than social proof of good service, whether that’s through local word of mouth or a strong online presence through great reviews and a strong social media presence.

Be sure to leverage tools like HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, and Thumbtack to reach more customers and allow current customers to leave you feedback.

And as you continue to deliver great service, be sure to ask customers to leave you reviews on Yelp and Facebook to generate even more leads.

The Wrap Up

The real moral of the Pokémon Go story is that building strong, lasting relationships with your customers is one of the most efficient ways to sustain and grow any business, including yours.

Building a solid, reputable brand, regularly engaging and rewarding customers, and leveraging social proof will go a long way in helping you reach your marketing goals in the 21st century.

Put these lessons to good use in your own company or organisation, and you’ll inevitably see an increase in both customer acquisition and retention.

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