Cheaper than the Yellow Pages: Advertising alternatives for service-based businesses

I might well be an exception, but as someone who lives almost exclusively in the online space, the BEST use I have for the Yellow Pages is an ergonomic accessory to prop up my computer monitor to the right height. It's expensive advertising in the Yellow Pages, but the traditional markeing mindset for trades and field service industries is often to advertise in the Yellow Pages first and then (if there's any marketing money left over) consider secondary alternatives. Despite [...]

How to Help Employees Get to Work on Time, Every Time!

Your employees are late again. They can be great at what they do, but when they run late you lose more than your patience, you lose money. One of the most gut-wrenching questions you can ask an employee is why are you late? Both employees and managers feel embarrassed by this question. It puts a damper on everyone’s mood and destroys motivation. If you don't want to find yourself in the same situation, you must do more than just ask questions. Your employee’s [...]

What “I’ll be there at 10am” really means

  If you've ever engaged a tradesman to solve a problem, you've probably experienced at least a few occasions where your expectations around your agreed appointment time haven’t been managed especially well. Now, whenever you hear something like 'I'll be there at 10am', it's usually followed by a skeptical, subconscious thought of 'Whatever!' or 'I'll believe it when I see it!’ Probably the single biggest customer complaint about tradesmen is concerning poorly managed expectations around timekeeping. Customers lead busy lives and are [...]