8 Tips for Managing Your Subcontractors Better

Employees are expensive and require certain accommodations, making subcontractors a better option for some. Subcontractors can work on a job-to-job basis and are less expensive to support than employees. Many even provide their own equipment. Because subcontractors are different than employees, they require a different type of management to perform most effectively. Mismanaged subcontractors can cost more than employees in the long run and may hurt your projects, so use these tips to manage your subcontractors better. 1. Assess subcontractor [...]

Your Business Needs Text and Email Reminders

Have you ever scheduled an appointment with a client only for them to never show up? How often does those clients reschedule? Probably not often. Unfortunately, this happens to many small business owners. The solution is painfully simple--reminders! Email reminders are good, but texting reminders are better. Why not do both? Let’s look at the benefits: Save Your Customers A customer who misses their appointment with you may not give your business a second chance. Make sure they remember their appointment. [...]

Janitorial Services Made Better

Nearly every company with office space requires regular janitorial services. From simple tasks such as emptying rubbish bins to more time consuming projects including window cleanings and floor waxing, each cleaning company will have different needs at different times. And if your janitorial company is the one providing the services, it can be extremely difficult to manage which site requires what level of cleaning, especially if you are relying on paper invoices. With Call of Service service management software, [...]


Transitioning Your Office to Field Service Software

Paperwork can be unruly, taking up time and energy that your employees should be spending servicing customers. Moving to a service management software can eliminate the mess that paperwork can cause and change the way that your business is done and run. The process of transitioning your office to a new field service management software can be intimidating, so use this guide to make the move easy on you, your staff, and your customers. Do your research Before you choose a [...]

Eliminate paperwork with service management software from Call of Service

Eliminate Paperwork To Increase Productivity Around The Office

If your business is dependent upon having a team of people in the office while another team is out in the field, it can be extremely difficult to keep everyone on the same page. Although managing your field service team remotely is an extensive challenge in and of itself, keeping productivity high around the office is especially difficult. One reason it can be such a trial is that office workers are often waiting on their field service counterparts to [...]

field service management software from Call of Service

Improve Time Management In The Field

There are a number of ways to measure accomplishments during the work day. Some people prefer statistics such as how many clients were serviced while others prefer to look at the bottom line of dollars made. Either way, one way to ensure that your business has a successful day each time your company opens the doors is by improving the time management of all your employees. This is especially crucial when you are operating a business where employees are [...]

Job management software from Call of Service

Improve Customer Service with Service Management Software

In order to create and grow your client base, it is important to provide high quality customer service. And when you are running an on-demand service business, relying on multiple filing systems and paperwork can prove to be a huge detriment to your business. Consider an HVAC repair service; while your client should hopefully not have to make repeated calls for repairs, having customer information about the previous services would allow your dispatched technician to perform their job more [...]

Staff scheduling software from Call of Service

Scheduling Made Simple with Call of Service’s Staff Scheduling Software

Many small business owners quickly find themselves drowning in paperwork, and often times something as essential as creating a staff schedule can get lost in the mix. However, creating an employee schedule does not have to be another time consuming task that takes away from running your business. In fact, with staff scheduling software from Call of Service, properly scheduling your employees can become one of the easier things to handle. The small business management software from Call of Service [...]

9 Tips for tradesmen, construction and field service industry: Knowing Your Customers

One of the best tips for tradesmen, construction workers, and anyone in the field service industry is to know your customers. They want assurance, first and foremost. Here are a few ways you can provide that assurance from the moment you arrive until the final bill is paid: Be on time. An excellent way to start off each client interaction is to set an appropriate window for your arrival and then do everything you can to be there within that timeframe. We can [...]

Increasing Field Staff Productivity is the Key to Growing Your Business

You field service business relies on your staff handling jobs efficiently to increase profits and grow. If your staff is working inefficiently or is less productive than you need them to be, you can't take on additional clients, scale up or grow. Whether your business is in HVAC, housecleaning, plumbing, maintenance or pest control, you need to be able to reliably increase field staff productivity in order to succeed. Here are 4 ways to increase your field staff's productivity. 1. Real Time Job Tracking Analytics are [...]