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Top 8 Tips for Sending Appointment Reminders to Field Service Customers – 2019

In no industry are appointment reminders more important than field service. Doctors and hair stylists alike may be annoyed when someone misses their appointment. But customers don't come to you in their own time. Your team actually drives out to a customer's home or business and arrives at their door. Meaning that if the client has forgotten their appointment, at best you have wasted a trip. At worst, customers can be quite unpleasantly surprised, even if they made and [...]

Most User-Friendly Field Service Management Software

Call of Service Captures Capterra’s Most User Friendly and Most Affordable Field Service Software Awards

Once again, industry experts have recognized Call of Service to be one of the best software packages in its field. In the 2018 version of its annual Field Service Management Software awards, Capterra announced this spring that our platform ranged near the top in both the user-friendly and affordable categories. Each year, the awards are an opportunity to showcase the features and benefits Call of Service can provide. Field Service Management has become a crucial task for any business working [...]

How to Improve the Service Quality of Your Appliance Repair Business

People think of a home as being made of walls and a roof but a modern residence needs a lot more than just the structure to be comfortable and welcoming. Most of us don't realize just how important appliances like the water heater, HVAC, stove, or washing machine are to us until one of them breaks and the entire home routine is thrown out of balance. In terms of some of the more vital appliances, a home can become [...]

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How to Use SMS Text Messages For Fantastic Service Industry Customer Support

Because every business is formed by individuals and designed to provide specific services to a targeted audience, each company chooses their own suite of communication styles, software, and tools. Some businesses are satisfied with just phone or email while others spread so social media in order to build an online following. These methods may work well for other businesses but in the service industry, you need to be able to contact your customers incredibly quickly just in case something [...]

Cleaning service business. Bucket with sponges, chemicals bottles and mopping stick. Rubber gloves and towel. Household equipment.

Boosting Your Cleaning Service Business with Promotional Packages

Running a cleaning service, you find yourself dealing with a wide variety of people. Many of whom you may only meet a few times over the course of a long contract. Each person has a specific way they want their house to be cleaned and a way they'd like their things to be treated. Some are the "Oh, just kick it into the closet" type while others want everything put back exactly how it was when you arrived. There [...]

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10 Inbound Marketing Tips for Field Services

The days of loud commercials and big street shows are mostly over. People prefer their marketing to be cool, calm, and waiting for them when they want it. The new trend of inbound marketing is exactly that, providing information for your potential customers with the right amount of SEO so they can find you rather than the other way around. When people need installations and repairs, they don't stand in their flooding kitchens wondering who to call, they google [...]

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Tips for Tradesmen: Eight Innovative Electrician Tricks

Get any two or three electricians or other service industry personnel together and pretty soon they will begin swapping stories. With highly skilled service jobs, each individual tradesman has developed a personal style and thought up a few neat tricks to handle common trade challenges and it's always worthwhile to share and hear a few things your buddies have come up with. One of the great features of the internet is that it gives us an opportunity to bring these patio [...]

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9 Things Wearables Can Do for Your Field Staff

Your field staff already carries plenty of equipment. They may be using cell phones, tablets, and even laptop computers--likely rugged models--in order to stay in touch with the office and track their daily tasks. The recent rise in wearable technology, however, has provided a number of new options for your field staff. Having wearable technology like smartwatches can offer a number of key benefits. 1. Improve Communications with the Office Many field technicians need to be in regular communication with the [...]

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10 Customer Service Tips for Service Businesses

In a service business, the connection to your customers is everything. Their needs and their satisfaction with your service are what build your revenue and reputation. For this reason, every service company should strive for customer service that goes above and beyond expectations and helps to build strong relationships with long-term clients. However, customer service is not a single package or software you can install. It is a philosophy of business that lets customer satisfaction shape business procedures. When you [...]

Various plumbers tools and plumbing materials including copper pipe, elbow joint, wrench and spanner.

Tips for Tradesmen: Ten Helpful Plumbing Service Techniques

As a commercial plumbing service, you know how to handle the basics of business and residential plumbing tasks. You can snake a drain, replace a sink trap, and repair a leaky toilet tank with no problem. These are things every plumbing service should be able to provide to their customers, so what sets them apart? What makes your plumbing service a better choice than your local contemporaries? One of the best ways to make a real difference is more [...]