Looking for Ways to Increase Your Field Staff’s Productivity?

Looking for Ways to Increase Your Field Staff’s Productivity?

When your business has a workforce that’s often on-site or out in the field, there are a lot of external factors that can affect your employee’s productivity. While many technological trends have emerged in recent years aimed at improving field staff productivity, many businesses sell themselves short by relying on the most basic tool, the cell phone.

Sure, cell phones are great for on-the-go employees to keep updated and make inquiries about customer records, but they do little by themselves to increase productivity. When it comes to paperwork, cell phones alone do nothing to eliminate the time it takes to fill out work orders or generate invoices. Cell phones also do little to eliminate the hassles involved in scheduling and re-scheduling dispatches, other than providing your field staff with the ability to call and give a “heads up” when a job runs late.

Field service businesses often need more sophisticated capabilities when it comes to tech solutions, and increased productivity is an area where service scheduling software can have the biggest impact. Available on mobile devices, software can connect your field staff to vital information in real-time, allowing them to handle service scheduling and customer inquiries. Gone are the days where your field staff sits in the van after a service call, filling out paperwork for 20 minutes before they can move onto the next call. When a service schedule needs altering, alternatives times and days are accessible by the technician directly.

With workforce scheduling software, service scheduling is put on autopilot at the touch of a button. In the absence of complex handwritten paperwork, your field staff can generate accurate invoices upon the completion of a work order with the touch of a button.

Scheduling software can also keep everyone on the same page with SMS updates that are generated to go to the main office, the customer, or your field staff. Instead of calling into the office for more information on a job, your field staff can access customer records in the palm of their hands, eliminating wait times and ensuring accuracy on every job.

These are just a few ways that you can use service scheduling software to increase your field staff’s productivity. Interested in learning more about how service management software can take your business to the next level? Please contact us, we’d be happy to go over the features and benefits with you to help you discover how we can make your whole workforce more productive, organized, and streamlined with our software solutions.

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