Janitorial Services Made Better

Janitorial Services Made Better

Nearly every company with office space requires regular janitorial services. From simple tasks such as emptying rubbish bins to more time consuming projects including window cleanings and floor waxing, each cleaning company will have different needs at different times. And if your janitorial company is the one providing the services, it can be extremely difficult to manage which site requires what level of cleaning, especially if you are relying on paper invoices. With Call of Service service management software, we make it a breeze to schedule jobs as well as create invoices for the companies you serve.

Scheduling Made Simple

With Call of Service, we’ve made scheduling any job so easy that it can be done from any internet ready device. Our service management software will allow you to change your employees’ tasks on the fly. If a business wants to add a last minute service, you can simply add an additional task for your staff to accomplish or even send a second team to handle the job without making a single phone call.

Invoices Available Instantly

In addition to efficient scheduling for your janitorial staff, Call of Service makes it incredibly easy to create invoices for services rendered. While in the past you might have had to locate a company’s file from a stack of cabinets to view their previous service calls, now you and your staff will have all the information available immediately thanks to Call of Service’s cloud storage. Now a remote service team can properly document, as well as properly bill for, any services provided while on the job which makes billing a breeze. Try our service management software risk free with a 21-day trial today.

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