Increasing Field Staff Productivity is the Key to Growing Your Business

Increasing Field Staff Productivity is the Key to Growing Your Business

You field service business relies on your staff handling jobs efficiently to increase profits and grow. If your staff is working inefficiently or is less productive than you need them to be, you can’t take on additional clients, scale up or grow.

Whether your business is in HVAC, housecleaning, plumbing, maintenance or pest control, you need to be able to reliably increase field staff productivity in order to succeed.

Here are 4 ways to increase your field staff’s productivity.

1. Real Time Job Tracking

Analytics are increasingly being used in the field service industry in order to track the status of work orders in real time. This enables you to see the average time needed to complete specific job types, send invoices immediately after a job is marked as completed as well as track cancellations and emergency calls in one unified system.

Service scheduling software can help you accomplish all of these goals and more when you properly utilize your software’s capabilities.

It just so happens that your field service technicians are (probably) already carrying the most important device needed to deploy this data driven productivity booster: a smartphone.

Your field staff’s smartphones not only have the computing power necessary to handle software programs and web based job tracking solutions, but they have built in GPS systems that allow you to see where your otherwise “invisible” workforce is at any given moment. Providing you with the transparency and control you need to manage your team’s productivity.

2. Efficient scheduling

Another key to a data driven and productive workforce is understanding how to maximize each field technician’s daily schedule. This can be done easily once you have the right data.

Let’s say that you notice new client consultations take less time than you thought and that your technicians don’t need as much padding on either side of them.

Now, you can schedule less time for the meetings and trim down the padding on either side of those appointments to fit more actual jobs into every technician’s day.

This is just one small example of a scheduling inefficiency that could be costing your business serious money. Make sure that you’re able to see how much actual time every appointment takes so that you’re not under-scheduling your staff.

With the added capability of allowing your field technician’s to access rescheduling date and times, you’re also empowering your field staff to handle scheduling issues which leaves your office staff free to manage your business and market your services to more customers.

3. Reduce paperwork 

When your field staff has to fill out lengthy paperwork by hand at the end of every job, it costs them time and you money.

When you have a software based solution to manage your work orders, your staff can easily create invoices, mark jobs as completed instantly and send work order details to the main office with the push of a button.

An added benefit of removing handwritten paperwork from your business is eliminating inevitable handwriting errors that can cause expensive and time consuming misunderstandings.

4. Increased communication and access to information

Your phone lines and office staff should be used to assist customers, not answer simple questions from technicians who don’t have access to the information they need.

By centralizing your work orders, job information and scheduling data, you give your field technicians the tools they need to be autonomous and efficient instead of reliant of old school means of communication.

When your technicians are able to handle customer inquiries about their jobs directly from their smartphones, it eliminates the need of customers calling the office and the office calling the technician to get the answers.

Another added benefit of keeping digital communication logs is that you have correct time and date stamps that can be used later for reference if needed.

When you upgrade your team’s tools and allow them to be empowered in their positions. You’ll be doing more than just increasing productivity, you’ll be increasing employee morale which in turn helps improve customer service and the quality of their work.

With the ease of integration, accessibility to smartphones for all team members and low cost of field service scheduling software, there’s no reason for any field service business to not be utilizing data and technology to create the most efficient and productive staff possible.

If you have questions about how your field service business can utilize software solutions, feel free to contact us.

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