Improving Your Customer Service In the Field

Improving Your Customer Service In the Field

Improving your customer service isn’t always easy, especially if you are reliant on independent contractors. The truth is that field work with a smile can only get you so far. You need to go above and beyond expectations if you want to succeed in a competitive industry. Use these tips to improve the overall quality of your customer service and increase the odds that customers will come back to you again and again.


Keep Up with Current Service Trends

Focusing on the basics of customer service is important, but it is also important to understand that these trends change. For example, it is now acceptable to answer customer inquiries over social media, and it may be expected of you in the future. In the past, a social media response would have been seen as too informal.


Encourage Field Employees to Stay Connected

Even if your employees are not on call 24-hours a day, they should still be reachable. Modern technology has made communication significantly easier, especially when it comes to social media. Encourage your employees to connect with you via social media networks or exchange numbers for texting. That way, if one of you has a quick question, it can be answered right away. This leads to faster, more effective customer service.


Embrace Modern Technology

Newer technology has the power to make your job easier, especially when it comes to invoicing. Your customer will be impressed if your field worker can provide them with a bill, accept a payment and give them a printed receipt. Find an effective payment and invoicing solution that your employees can bring with them while they are in the field. This will not only help you collect money more effectively, it will leave a lasting impression on your clientele.


Keep Some Traditions Strong

While technology can help improve your customer service skills significantly, it is no match for the impact that a real human connection can have. When you discuss customer service with your employees, you need to emphasize how important it is to be personal. Don’t just smile and nod when your customer speaks with you. Have a conversation with them and make small talk if you are waiting with them. The more your customer sees your employee as a friendly individual, the better they will see your company overall.


Take Customer Complaints Seriously

One problem that some field workers have, regardless of their industry, is that they don’t act like they care when they receive a complaint. The biggest factor of customer service is making a connection and effectively solving a problem. To do this, you need to ensure that every employee or contractor you send out to the field has the ability to listen and take complaints seriously. While your employee should still appear friendly and relaxed, even in a negative situation, they will need to find quick, effective ways to please the customer. If you receive a customer complaint, be sure to communicate it to your field worker so that they can make appropriate changes or appease the customer.


Improve All the Time

As a business, it is your duty to improve your service in any way that you can. Finding effective ways to talk to customers and provide them with quality service takes time. Use technology to your advantage while you provide your customers with friendly service and you will see results.


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