Improve Time Management In The Field

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Improve Time Management In The Field

There are a number of ways to measure accomplishments during the work day. Some people prefer statistics such as how many clients were serviced while others prefer to look at the bottom line of dollars made. Either way, one way to ensure that your business has a successful day each time your company opens the doors is by improving the time management of all your employees. This is especially crucial when you are operating a business where employees are spending most of their time in the field. Whether you are managing an HVAC service or a carpet cleaning business, there are a few tips to improve time management in the field through better scheduling techniques.

Schedule more complicated tasks first

As the work day wears on, the mind and body continually tire. More complex tasks should be scheduled earlier in the day when your employees are their freshest. Additionally, putting off a difficult task for the end of the day is a risk because employees will be less inclined to do a great job as they will be interested in heading home to their families.

Schedule clients by proximity to your business

Another great tip for improving time management in the field is to schedule clients based upon how long it will take for your employees to travel to the work site. An effective tip is to schedule your clients who are furthest from your shop first as this allows your employees to gradually work their way closer to the office. This will help with travel times, and it will assist your employees in being punctual for their service calls.

If you do not have a field service management software that allows you to easily manage your employee schedules, give Call of Service a try. With a 21-day free trial, our scheduling software can help you run your business at peak productivity everyday. Sign up today!

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