How to Help Employees Get to Work on Time, Every Time!

How to Help Employees Get to Work on Time, Every Time!

Your employees are late again.

They can be great at what they do, but when they run late you lose more than your patience, you lose money.

One of the most gut-wrenching questions you can ask an employee is why are you late?

Both employees and managers feel embarrassed by this question. It puts a damper on everyone’s mood and destroys motivation.

If you don’t want to find yourself in the same situation, you must do more than just ask questions. Your employee’s motivation matters and you need to find ways to increase it, here is how:

#1 Send them notifications about their tasks a day prior


As you know, getting to work on time every time is a challenge.

“Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution” -Brian Tracy

Planning prepares us mentally, it reduces stress and focuses us! Employees that know what they are about to do function better and get to work on time.

#2 Survey with them public transportation and let them pick their route

If we’re planning already, why not take it to the next level?

Sit down with your employees and let them decide on the best route to work. This simple action creates a subconscious commitment.

Why are they feeling more committed?

When they feel a part of the decision-making process, they act like good managers i.e. they become accountable.

#3 Keep them happy


A research conducted by the University of Warwick in the UK found that when people are happy, they are more productive at work.

People who are productive can feel it, they’re upping their game and they’re enjoying it. For them, being more productive doesn’t mean an increase in your bottom line; it means a win, it can be a small one, but it’s still a win.

Small wins are all we need to fuel our motivation and happiness, it brightens our day and gives us purpose. When happy and motivated, your employees will do their best to get to work on time.

#4 Trust them to get on time and do their job

Managers should leave instruction, check employee progress and leave them to do their job!

If employees feel that they’re trusted, they will be more loyal and committed.

There are two reasons why they get more committed the more you give them autonomy:

  • When someone with authority believes in you, you will do your best to not disappoint him.
  • The other reason is that no one likes to lose their ability to navigate, something that happens once you lose the trust of your manager.

#5 Remove stress from the equation


Speaking of autonomy, employees that work in shifts are less likely to be late if they are able to reschedule without a manager.

When employees need to go through a manager, their stress levels go up the roof! Stressed employees are more likely to be late because their mind is all over the place.

If employees managed their own roosters they would feel much more relaxed. In case you were wondering, that’s exactly what we do.

Leave a comment below and tell us what do you do with employees that run late?

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