Successfully Implement Field Service Software with These 3 Tips

Implementing Field Service Software

Successfully Implement Field Service Software with These 3 Tips

Are you looking to improve your workflow efficiency by implementing a new field service software solution?

Field service companies often realize they need help as they discover that workflow inefficiencies are preventing growth and limiting revenue.

Software is a potential remedy, but its benefits can only be fully realized with a proper foundation built on a solid implementation plan.

Below you’ll find 3 ways you can make your field service software implementation both easy and successful.

1. Engage Employees in the Process

It’s critical to engage your employees throughout the software selection and implementation process as you’ll need their buy-in and support to successfully adopt your new system.

Involve them in the conversation from the beginning to get their input on what will best improve your operational efficiency and create a sense of ownership over the decision.

Learn your employee’s pain points and select a solution that will address them so you’ll not only choose the most effective option but also get them excited about your choice.

Finally, make sure to update them throughout the process.

This transparency will show you respect them and their opinions and will help you avoid any backlash caused by surprises.

2. Don’t Invest in Features You Don’t Need

The field service software market is constantly changing and evolving with new trends and “must have” features.

While these features are aimed at improving your business operations, many of them aren’t essential.

Don’t let a vendor sell you on bells and whistles you don’t need (no matter how cool they are)!

Instead, focus on the tools your team needs to actually get their job done more efficiently by creating an organized needs list of those features your new system must offer.

This can be as informal or in-depth as you like; just make sure you always refer to it during the software selection process.

3. Provide Ample Training Before, During and After Implementation

Finally, make sure your employees get an in-depth introduction to the new tools they’ll be using every day.

While additional training may slow down business for a short time, it will pay off in the long run.

Again, the purpose of implementing a new field service software solution is to create positive change in your company.

By thoroughly training your employees on the ins and outs of the new system, you’ll maximize the amount of positive change you create.

For training, assign “system champions” to learn the new software inside and out.

They’ll become a resource for their current coworkers to come to with questions or problems, as well as trainers for new employees.

Succeed in Implementing Field Service Software by Planning, Engaging, and Training

There’s no doubt implementing a new field service software solution is a significant undertaking.

But advances in the market such as flexible and affordable subscription services are making it easier than ever for field service businesses of all sizes to purchase and implement a new software solution.

If you’re thinking about taking the plunge, and doing it the right way, contact us today to learn more about how we can help you implement our field service software and get started with your free trial.

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