Eliminate Paperwork To Increase Productivity Around The Office

Eliminate paperwork with service management software from Call of Service

Eliminate Paperwork To Increase Productivity Around The Office

If your business is dependent upon having a team of people in the office while another team is out in the field, it can be extremely difficult to keep everyone on the same page. Although managing your field service team remotely is an extensive challenge in and of itself, keeping productivity high around the office is especially difficult. One reason it can be such a trial is that office workers are often waiting on their field service counterparts to complete a service before they can begin their tasks such as creating invoices based upon the service work or updating client information. Some companies attempt to make use of downtime by having field workers check in while others simply delay the process of billing until the paperwork can be processed. However, there is a better way to handle both scenarios by limiting or even removing paperwork all together.

Get Field Service Updates Instantly

Instead of waiting for field technicians to check in, features of mobile workforce management software allows real-time updates which eliminates waiting. A service worker in the field and an employee in the office can collaborate using service management software on creating invoices for billing, generating field service notes for future service calls, as well as updating client information without stopping by the office to drop off paperwork.

Eliminate The Paperwork Altogether

While the idea seems radical at first, moving away from paperwork altogether can really improve office productivity. Using cloud-based service software and a digital filing system will not only reduce the amount of cabinets and storage bins around your office, but it will also improve employee response time in terms of locating data. Additionally, if your mobile workforce and office employees are working together, it will improve camaraderie and morale of the entire staff.

Using service management software from Call of Service can help you eliminate paperwork and improve productivity around your office. Try our service software risk free with a 21-day trial today.

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