How to Crush Social Media Marketing for Your HVAC Business

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How to Crush Social Media Marketing for Your HVAC Business

Boasting close to 3 billion active users, it’s safe to say that your customers are on social media. In 2017, having an active social media presence is crucial to connecting with today’s consumers. More people desire to engage with their favorite brands on social media…and your HVAC business is no exception.

Additionally, consumers are using social media to search for and discover new brands. By positioning your company to be found on social media, you’ll increase opportunities to grow your following, generate leads, drive traffic to your website, and improve revenue.

Honing your social media marketing will prove to be a winning move for your HVAC business. The key is implementing the right mix of tactics and techniques that will get you in front of your intended audience, boost brand awareness, and foster engagement.

We’ve outlined 7 strong ways to accomplish these goals and simply crush your social media marketing!


#1 Have Clarity on Your Social Media Goals

Before you begin posting and sharing content on social media, it’s important to have true clarity on your social media goals and what you want to accomplish.

You see, your posts are designed to appeal and speak to your target market. The more clear you are on who you’re aiming to reach in your content, the more effective you’ll be in attracting your exact customer.

The good news is, your business goals will guide you in your social media marketing. If you’re looking to boost brand visibility, for example, knowing this upfront gives you direction in publishing posts that seek to bring more awareness to your company (i.e. the use of hashtags, capitalizing on trending topics, using keywords in your content, etc.).


#2 Offer Helpful Tips Your Followers Can Use

At the heart of inbound marketing is sharing valuable content that solves problems and offers useful information that will add value to your followers. Tips people can use in between service visits further promotes your HVAC business as an expert in the industry. It also gives you the slight edge in your content strategy.

Your blog is the perfect tool to give advice and share on your social media sites to offer value. Since social drives 31% referral traffic to websites, you’ll improve visibility in the search results and get new eyeballs to your pages.

Therefore share your popular and evergreen blog content that is always relatable yet incredibly beneficial to your audience. Include the link and an image the complements your post to boost engagement.

Also, depending on which social media site you’re posting to, optimize your content to increase its visibility in social search. Hashtags perform well on Twitter and Instagram yet keywords are better on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. You can find popular hashtags related to the HVAC industry on sites like Hashtagify and Top-Hashtags. For keywords, use phrases that your audience is actively searching for.


#3 Use Visuals to Your Advantage

Images ROCK on social media. They create engagement much more effectively than text post alone. Visuals like infographics, appropriate memes, GIFs, and photos are killer ways to maximize your social strategy to capture attention and get followers involved with your content.

But it doesn’t stop there. Social videos generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined (Source: Hubspot). Videos have an amazing of drawing people into your message and moving them into action. They’re excellent platforms for doing demonstrations, sharing your story, and expanding on industry related topics.

Additionally, infographics are a big hit on social media! They’re liked and shared on social media 3 times more than any other type of content. Use them to share data-rich content in an illustrative format that makes it easy for your followers to digest. Design your own at or outsource the task on Fiverr.

Implementing a variety of visuals will keep your posts fresh and engaging while appealing to different learning styles.


#4 Post Customer Testimonials

Did you know that 88% of people trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations? Testimonials prove that what you’re doing is working. People are so satisfied with the level of service you’ve delivered that they’re willing to share it with the masses. Let them!

Sharing positive customer experiences and testimonials can catapult your entire digital marketing strategy. Imagine leveraging these pieces in your email marketing, on your website, and landing pages? You’ll build trust which will result in more followers, leads, and sales simply by giving testimonials.

Here are a few ways to begin using more customer testimonials in your social media marketing:

  • Send an email to new customers encouraging them to share a review on your social media businesses page. Include the link to make it easy for them to post
  • Collect, organize and share user-generated content in your marketing. Visuals of customers using your brand or mentioning it via hashtags is killer content for your calendar
  • Tag customers in your content thanking them for their business


#5 Go Live!

Did you know that people spend 3 times longer watching live video versus ones that have been prerecorded (Source: Social Media Today)? Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, and Periscope are generating massive engagement on social media. It’s one of the fastest ways to build your HVAC brand and authentically connect with audiences to foster relationships.

There are multiple ways that you can use live-streaming in your social media marketing strategy. Host live Q&A sessions that give your customers an opportunity to interact with you on video. Consider taking your followers behind-the-scenes onto a service call. You can also expand on a recent blog post or report any trending news related to the industry.

Get creative and stay committed. Using live video will definitely separate your business from the rest, significantly amplifying your social strategy.


#6 Plan Content in Advance

Maintaining a steady presence on your social media channels is vital to boosting brand awareness and visibility. The more active you are, the more likely you’ll breed engagement and increase your followers.

But if it’s a peak season, you’re more likely too busy to think about social media…let alone consistently post relevant content.

That’s why it’s essential that you leverage a social media tool like Buffer or Hootsuite where you can set your posts on automation to work while you’re working. You see, you can schedule your content in advance to continue feeding your followers valuable content and keep them connected with your brand. It keeps your pages active and fresh.

Many of the social media management tools have free trial offers that allow you to test it live. Commit to choosing the one that best fits your business needs and then go from there. You’ll find it incredibly useful to improving productivity in your social media marketing.


#7 Be Social!

Keep in mind that this is social media. Consumers are looking to interact with you. If you just post content but don’t engage, you may generate some responses initially, but this will quickly dwindle. People want reciprocity. They enjoy seeing likes on their posts just as much as you do!

Set aside time to do the following tasks to keep the social aspect in your marketing.

  • Like, comment, and share your followers content
  • Reach out to customers through direct messages. Show appreciation for a recent scheduled appointment, ask for their feedback or offer help on how you can assist with their needs
  • Respond to comments quickly
  • Mention followers in return for using your brand hashtag in a post

These tidbits will goes far in creating memorable experiences from your brand that makes you authentic and relatable.


Implementing these tactics into your social media strategy will give your HVAC business a competitive edge. Not only are you appealing to today’s consumer by establishing a strong presence on social, you’ll boost brand exposure, drive ongoing traffic to your website, improve SEO ranking, grow your followers and bolster lead generation.

Start by adding 2-3 of the tips mentioned and test your results. Discover what resonates best with your audience and ramp up from there.

Much success.

Ready to bolster your business goals by accelerating revenue, improving customer satisfaction, and boosting productivity? Reach out to us here and let’s chat! We can help your service business achieve its next level!

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