Crafting Your Email Marketing and Targeting a Specific Customer

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Crafting Your Email Marketing and Targeting a Specific Customer

Given that almost everyone has an email account nowadays, email marketing becomes an important tool to spread the word about your service business. Plus, it also has several other advantages.

First of all, sending an email costs absolutely nothing. So you can launch an email marketing campaign at a very low cost. Secondly, it’s quite versatile—you can use email marketing for virtually any business. Thirdly, email marketing can go hand in hand with other digital marketing methods, like setting up a website, blog and social media pages.

Email marketing can help to attract viewers to your online presence. It can help to build your brand. So here are a few email marketing tips which will help you to produce an effective marketing email and send it to a receptive audience:

Sending Marketing Emails to Past Customers

A lot of companies go in for email marketing campaigns without seeing any results. This is usually because your emails are reaching customers who aren’t interested in the service you’re providing.

One way to make sure that your email reaches people who can make use of your service is by sending them to past customers. It stands to reason that if someone has used your service in the past, they might very well do so again.

Sure, it’s possible that the circumstances of past customers have changed. But circumstances don’t change as often as people tend to think. So if someone owned a house two years ago and wanted a plumber to fix something in their house, chances are they still have that need. They’ve just lost your number or forgotten that they had used your services in the past. That’s why they haven’t called you again.

If you send them a marketing email, then you’ll remind that you’re still providing services in their neighborhood, making it more likely that they’ll call you again. If nothing else, you’ll at least remind them that you’re there. So the next time they need plumbing done in their house, they’ll look you up.

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Targeting People Who Own Their Own Homes

Let’s say you don’t have that many past customers. Maybe you’ve only recently started your business. Or maybe you’ve moved your business to a new location and you don’t have any new customers in that location yet.

What a lot of people do in situations such as these is buy lists of email addresses in order to start their email marketing campaigns. But sometimes, these email addresses belong to people who may not be interested in the services you’re providing.

For example, if someone is merely renting an apartment, they’re going to go to their superintendent and ask them to fix leaks, electrical problems, heating problems etc. They’re not going to pay extra for services that come along with their apartments

On the other hand, people who own apartments or houses are going to call up plumbers, electricians etc. in order to solve the problems arising in their homes.

So if you’re planning to buy a list of email addresses, go with a list of people who own their own homes in the neighborhood where you’ve set up your business.

Writing the Content of Your Marketing Email

It’s important to make sure that the information you’re trying to convey in your marketing email is clearly visible. This means that you need to sit down and think about exactly what you want to tell your customer.

What service are you providing? For example, if you’re a plumber, is it enough to just say “plumbing services”? Or do you need to specify exactly what services are included among those? Are you specializing in routine repairs or will you also be available to completely gut a house?

What separates you from your competition? Are you providing a service which they’re not providing quite yet? Are you better than them in some way? Do you use better products when you provide a service? Are you 100% punctual? Are you willing to drive out to a remote place, if necessary?

Don’t mention all these things if they aren’t actually true. Only mention them if you’re willing to do them. It’s important for your email to have a ring of authenticity. And your website, blog and social media pages should have this too.

People value this quality in businesses nowadays. They don’t just want a lot of promotional material thrown at them. They want someone who delivers what they promise to deliver.

Designing Your Marketing Email

The design of your marketing email is probably the most important thing when it comes to the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. The design needs to be attractive without being in your face.

Nowadays, people are receiving so much promotional material in their inboxes that your marketing email will need to be special in order to stand out. But this doesn’t mean that you need to go in for garish colors or create a “busy” feel.

Instead, it’s always better to keep your email fresh, crisp and businesslike. At the same time, you want to appear friendly and approachable. You want your email to make you seem relatable.

This might seem like a daunting task at first. But it’s not that difficult to do. First, make sure that the design of your email is clean and not too busy. Don’t use very bright colors but don’t go for very muted ones either. Too much cream and beige will make your email look boring. Blue is often a good choice because it’s crisp and cool. Plus it’s the color that people trust the most.

If you’re using images, go for images which contain people. And don’t use models who are very perfect-looking because people can’t relate to them. Instead, go for everyday people. Or at least try to get a variety of looks in your images.

The images used by Paypal are a good example because they include people of all races. Plus, they include images of people engaged in various different activities, which goes to show that Paypal is not an exclusive type of service. It can be used by those who are young or old, wealthy or middle-class, male or female. When it comes to using Paypal, there’s no distinction made between all these people.

And when it comes to your service as well, there should be no distinctions of the sort.

Using What Works to Further Your Marketing Campaign

Often, when it comes to marketing, you’ll find that after a few tries, you’re going to hit upon something that works. Maybe it’s because you used a certain type of image. Or maybe it’s because you worded your email in a certain way. Whatever it is, it’s important to keep track of it.

Let’s say you’re sending out a bunch of marketing emails every week and suddenly, in the third week, you get a bunch of phone calls. You need to go back and look at that email to figure out what was different about it. And then you can send versions of that email for the rest of your email marketing campaign.

So don’t just come up with a campaign and then put it into action blindly. Keep an eye out for what’s working and what isn’t.

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