6 Ways to Lead Your Cleaning Service Business to Success

Cleaning Service Business Employee

6 Ways to Lead Your Cleaning Service Business to Success

Looking for ways to increase your cleaning service business’ bottom line?

Whether you’re just getting started with a home cleaning service or have a well-established professional service, constantly growing your business should (and probably is) a top priority.

The industry has become extremely competitive over the years, now more than ever it’s important to stay as far ahead of the curve as possible.

Below you’ll find six tips we’ve gathered from examining what works for our most successful cleaning service customers to help you do just that!

Stay Informed

A key to success in any industry is staying on top of the latest products, practices, and technology.

The cleaning service industry is no different.

Luckily for you, there are plenty of ways to keep up with the latest trends so you can be sure you’re using the best quality, most economical methods out there.

Make reading industry blogs and magazines, such as Cleaning Maintenance and Management, Clean Link, and Cleaning Business Today a regular practice.

They’ll keep you up to date on the latest news and trends in the industry.

Consider joining industry groups like ISSA and ARCSI to access industry research, connections, and other resources specifically for the cleaning service industry.

And be sure to attend Trade Shows to learn about the latest products and grow your industry contacts!

Take Pride in Each and Every Job

Any service business is made or broken on the quality of their service, and cleaning services are no different.

First impressions are especially important in getting repeat business, so ensure the first job is spectacular.

Train your employees to take ownership over every job and clean your customer’s space even better than their own homes.

And to keep your customers coming back time and again, treat every job like it’s the first!

Take Care of Your Employees

To ensure you deliver that high-quality service every time, make sure you take care of the people delivering it – your employees.

A great employee who loves working for you will make sure your customers feel the same way by going the extra mile to get each job done efficiently, as well as with a high level of service and quality.

Be sure every employee is thoroughly trained and treated with respect to maintain high morale, and when the inevitable mistakes arise, be sure to remain approachable in even the most difficult circumstances.

Find the Right Customer Base

With all the competition in the cleaning service business, there’s more to staying competitive than simply providing a high-quality service.

That’s just what gets you in the door.

It’s just as important to find the right type of customer, whether that’s a private residences or apartments, shared or standalone office spaces, or a particular type of industrial job.

Selecting one specific type of customer allows you to be more efficient through specialized processes and products, which not only leads to increased profits through savings but also more referrals!

Invest in Great Customer Service

Having the right products and thoroughly cleaning is just half the battle – the other half is how you deal with your customers on a human level.

Be sure to serve your customers with the same level of service you expect from your vendors, if not better.

Do this by having dedicated customer service staff to handle any special needs, deal with problems as they arise, and keep regular contact with customers to ensure they remain satisfied with your service.

Also, since your on-site staff are the most frequent point of contact between you and your customers, make sure they’re trained in customer service best practices and encouraged to use them!

Finally, it’s incredibly important to stick to your commitments – in addition to completing jobs with high standards of quality, be sure to start and finish them on time.

Simplify Scheduling with the Right Cleaning Service Software

Being able to manage all the behind the scenes details in a way that shows the customer they can count on you is essential in delivering high-quality customer service.

Having the right cleaning service software in your tool box can make all the difference.

Among other things, it enables you to schedule your jobs and employees more efficiently to avoid problems such as double bookings and missed appointments with less hassle.

Which leads less wasted labor on top of great customer service.

At Call of Service, our software is custom designed to optimize your cleaning service business from scheduling and customer management to invoicing and job tracking.

Sign up today to start your free trial and see how we can help you lead your cleaning service business to success!

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