Call of Service Captures Capterra’s Most User Friendly and Most Affordable Field Service Software Awards

Most User-Friendly Field Service Management Software

Call of Service Captures Capterra’s Most User Friendly and Most Affordable Field Service Software Awards

Once again, industry experts have recognized Call of Service to be one of the best software packages in its field. In the 2018 version of its annual Field Service Management Software awards, Capterra announced this spring that our platform ranged near the top in both the user-friendly and affordable categories.

Each year, the awards are an opportunity to showcase the features and benefits Call of Service can provide. Field Service Management has become a crucial task for any business working outside the office, as customer needs can be more easily met and workflows can be streamlined to become more efficient. That’s why placing among the top packages across the field service software field is such a significant accomplishment.

The areas in which Call of Service ranked, user-friendliness and affordability, are worthy of further consideration. Capterra evaluated each according to unique criteria. A further understanding of the methodology for each further underlines the value of our platform for field service businesses across industries.

Most User-Friendly Field Service Management Software: Ranked #4

As perhaps the most significant award we achieved this year, Call of Service was in the top 5 of Capterra’s User-Friendliness ranking. An A grade (90/100) tied us with the third place and placed us just a point behind second place.

Crucially, the first-ranked company in this award did not manage to achieve an affordability placement as well, making Call of Service unique in offering easy to use platform at a low rate. Our platform also ranked highest among all top finishers in user reviews, meaning that our users – the best judge of this category – played a major role in achieving the award.

Capterra’s rank matches well with other criteria, as well. Earlier this February, the website measured just how quickly various field service platforms require to accomplish common tasks such as adding a technician to the system, creating and sending a job estimate, and invoicing a customer for the completed job. Call of Service placed second among all tested solutions in the industry with an average task completion time of just over 40 seconds.

This criteria, in fact, was part of Capterra’s ranking across field service management platform solutions. A deeper understanding of the website’s methodology for this award further underscores just why Call of Service placed so well in the user-friendliness category.

Understanding Capterra’s Methodology For Ranking User-Friendliness

In testing user-friendliness, Capterra evaluated three distinct categories: usability, customer service, and user reviews. Each, in turn, had a number of sub-categories to determine the performance of each platform tested.

Usability focused on eight unique tasks that a field service company might look to accomplish in the software. These tasks included:

  1. Adding a technician to the system
  2. Creating a customer in the system
  3. Creating and send estimate/quote to the customer
  4. Creating a work order for the customer
  5. Scheduling and assigning a technician to a job
  6. Adding an item to the inventory
  7. Recording time worked on a job
  8. Invoicing the customer

Capterra then calculated the time and clicks needed to accomplish each task, averaging them for a final score. A user experience survey among current users was the final in evaluating this category. With a 47/50 usability score, Call of Service outperformed all but one competitor in the top 20.

Customer Service, like usability, split into three subcategories designed to estimate it more comprehensively: implementation, training, and support. Implementation includes the various features and configuration options offered at the start, while training encompasses resources offered and support focuses on customer service after implementation and training is complete. With a score of 23/30, Call of Service showed proficient in all categories, with a particular strength (and perfect score) in the implementation area.

Finally, the Reviews category took actual user data into account. Here Call of Service was the only top 20 platform to achieve a perfect 20/20 rating, through user reviews encompassing both ease of use and customer service. This user validation, for us, is absolutely significant: it shows that our users love the platform, and are willing to share that love with other businesses that have similar software needs.

How Call of Service Accomplishes User-Friendliness for its Clients

Our high ranking in user-friendliness is not a surprise. We pride ourselves in ease of use, recognizing that field service agents and professionals do not tend to be technical experts. Personalized customer service, access from anywhere, and seamless onboarding are just some of the features we prioritize to make sure Call of Service is a good fit for your business.

Our Support webpage is the perfect example of this emphasis. Here, users can find a comprehensive knowledge base, along with video tutorials and an opportunity for feedback and improvement ideas from our community of service businesses. Contacting support is simple and integrated directly into the website.

Most Affordable Field Service Management Software

Most Affordable Field Service Management Software: Ranked #16

Affordability, of course, is another major factor in choosing the right software platform for your service business. Even the best software matters little if you don’t have the budget for it. That explains our pride in the fact that, in addition to its highly ranked user-friendliness, Call of Service was also recognized among the top 20 options in terms of affordability.

More specifically, Capterra gave Call of Service a 90/100 overall ranking, once again leading to an A grade in this category. That ties our platform with 13th place, just two points of 8th place. It’s an impressive accomplishment, considering that affordability is absolutely crucial especially in attracting smaller businesses with limited budgets as customers.

This mix between user friendliness and affordability makes Call of Service unique. It ensures that, even as you look for software specifically designed for your field service needs, you can still find an option that offers the exact features and functionality you’re looking for.

Moreover, the award becomes even more significant once the methodology becomes more clear. Capterra, notably, did not rank software options based on price alone. Instead, affordability encompassed a more significant calculation that kept anything from available features to unforeseen costs in mind.

Understanding Capterra’s Methodology for Ranking Affordability

To establish a consistent category of affordability despite differing business models and setups, Capterra evaluated pricing using a fictional scenario for all tested platforms:

ABC Company is a first time FSM buyer that has 2 office managers and 4 technicians (6 users) who typically complete 400 jobs total each month. They would like to use the system for at least two years, need as many of the features listed below as possible, and need as many of the following training and support resources as possible (open API, branding, training videos, email/help desk, FAQ/knowledge base, demos, articles/training documents).

Once again, customer reviews played into the equation as well. Based on raw cost, features offered for that cost, and average user review, the website built a weighted algorithm designed to find the perfect score.

The cost range based on pricing scenario above was put into a number of ranges. Square within the range of $50 to $99 for the hypothetical test case, Call of Service was among the lower-priced alternatives on the spectrum. We also offer 13 of the 14 features prioritized by the award:

  • Scheduling
  • Dispatching
  • Work Order Mgmt
  • Mobile Access
  • Service History Tracking
  • Customer Database
  • Customer Alerts
  • Invoicing/Billing
  • Inventory Mgmt
  • Quotes/Estimates
  • e-Signature
  • Time Tracking

With only inventory management not a part of our core offering for the price given. Finally, our user reviews in functionality, overall quality, and value earned a perfect five stars, once again offering vital third-party proof that current customers like what they see in terms of affordability.

How Call of Service Accomplishes Affordability for its Clients

Your monthly bill will tell the story. Rather than hitting our clients with high and irregular fees from setup to support, we prefer a simple monthly rate. You always know what you need to budget for in order to get the software you need to run your field service business.

More specifically, our pricing is sorted into tiers depending on functionality and business size. Businesses can choose to be charged monthly, or pick an annual option that saves two months of payments every year.

Pricing tiers range from $49 to $209 per month with functionality ranging from 3 users to unlimited and 100 emails to 5,000. Our clients can also request a personalized price based on more custom needs than our tiers.

Build Your Field Service Business With the Right Software

Choosing the right field service management software package can be difficult. More than 300 options exist in the marketplace today, and it’s tempting to choose the most popular option. But, as Capterra’s awards show, popularity does not always mean quality. While Call of Service does not (yet) rank in the top 20 most popular options, it’s one of the few platforms appearing in both qualitative criteria used by the website.

That, in turn, has crucial implications for your field service business. You need a software that accomplishes its goal at a reasonable budget, and that can respond to your needs easily. Contact us today to learn about our solution, and why Capterra ranked us so highly in multiple categories.

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