Boosting Your Cleaning Service Business with Promotional Packages

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Boosting Your Cleaning Service Business with Promotional Packages

Running a cleaning service, you find yourself dealing with a wide variety of people. Many of whom you may only meet a few times over the course of a long contract. Each person has a specific way they want their house to be cleaned and a way they’d like their things to be treated. Some are the “Oh, just kick it into the closet” type while others want everything put back exactly how it was when you arrived. There are those that prefer to be gone when you clean and those that hover and chat while you work. As you spend time with your customers, you get to know them. Soon enough you understand their unique combinations of needs and preferences when it comes to how they’d like you to clean their house. What’s interesting is that you can use this insider knowledge of your clients to bring in more customers through intuitive promotional packages.

Packages for Customer Personas

A customer persona is like a representative of the kind of person who would be your customer. As a cleaning service, you might have busy mother persona, a talkative retiree persona, an absentee professional persona and so on. These personas should be given names and details that make it easier for you to market directly to them as if they were a person with the same motivations as your clients. Each customer persona is built by using your experience of clients in the field and working with them will give you insights into the best possible marketing strategies to reach out to each type of customer.

Of course, these customer personas aren’t just for targeting email campaigns or advertisements. They can also be used to create services and promotions that your customers will feel are personally tailored to their needs.

Building Promotional Service Packages

Great customer service is all about knowing what the customer wants and offering it to them before they have to ask. No doubt you already have a reasonable selection of light and deep cleaning, one-time cleanings to twice a week but with promotional service packages, you can help customers choose the exact kind of service that is right for them while pleasing them that this selection is already available. Each promotional package should come with a number of specific details like ‘tidy up items’ vs ‘put everything back’. The key to making all your customers happy is to have enough packages that each type of client can find their own preferences in the selection. And, of course, customization is always important when it comes to performing any service in someone’s home.

The Mother’s Helper Cleaning Service

Among the regular customers, you’re sure to have noticed are the busy moms (and occasionally dads) who are either staying at home with the kids or taking care of them after school. These often stressed and tired parents don’t have time between careers and multiple children to keep their homes as clean as they’d like. Their houses are often cluttered with a day or two worth of toys and possibly dishes piles in the sink.

What your busy parent clients need is someone to ‘Mary Poppins’ their homes about once a week to help them keep up with the mess. While the client should be able to select the specific services they want, by default this package should come with basic tidying for toys, a load of dishes, and a full deep-cleaning wipedown of surfaces, floors, and corners to help keep the little ones healthy. By emphasizing your willingness to support their parental duties, you can both offset the potential guilt of needing to hire a cleaning service and make it clear that you are glad to be helpful.

The Elderly Assistance Cleaning Service

Female carer is hoovering the living room to help an elderly woman. The woman is sitting on a sofa relaxing. Cleaning service business

Another group of people who often hire a cleaning service is elderly aging in place. Seniors often prefer to live independently in their family homes even as their energy and mobility begin to fade. This can make it difficult to reach all those nooks and corners that make cleaning more effective. In many cases, they can keep a place relatively tidy during the week but need a little help getting hard to reach places or picking things up that have rolled onto the floor. When working with seniors, you may find that they tend to be more conversational and appreciate the companionship as you clean their house or apartment.

Your elderly assistance package should focus on a combination of compassion maintenance. Your aging customers just need someone to help keep their homes up to their high standards of cleanliness even after their bodies begin to slow down. By default, this package should probably include regular light cleaning, once a month deep cleaning, and a single round of dishes and laundry (if you do laundry) with each visit. You might even consider offering a little light pet care like vacuuming the pet bed and refilling the bowls. This kind of specialized service will show seniors who are considering your business that you are ready to help them live their independent retiree lifestyle.

The Curator Cleaning Service

For those that have their homes exactly the way they like them except for weekly dusting and vacuuming, the curator service is perfect. Make it clear that your curator cleaning service will treat a client’s home like a valuable museum, cleaning around and under items without ever moving them from their place. These clients are much less likely to want or need additional services like dishes or laundry but are more likely to notice dust in corners. This promotional service is uncomplicated, simple, and elegant in its simplicity. Customers who want a cleaning service that in no way interrupts their busy professional lives will appreciate having this option available to them.

The One-Timers

One-time cleaning services are often unique jobs for a special occasion like yearly spring cleaning, preparing a home for holiday visitors, or cleaning a home right before someone moves in or out. Having special one-time packages ready for customers to select will make their one-time dealing with your cleaning service pleasant, easy, and memorably accommodating.

  • Move Out / Move In Services – One big hard scrub with stain removal spot cleaning and polishing to all edges and corners. Prepare for a new tenant or save your security deposit.
  • Spring Cleaning – Tidying followed by a deep cleaning to the corners including moving furniture to clean under and behind. Great for getting rid of allergens.
  • Special Occasion Cleaning – Sparkle and polish in specific rooms


The best part about each unique service package is that you can use them for promotional campaigns. Use these packages and the people you designed them for as your guide for your next marketing wave. Do a special line of ads just for busy moms marketing your mother’s helper package. Commercials can show how your teams are compassionate and helpful to the elderly and beautiful magazine-spread pictures can show off how perfectly your curator package leaves a decorated home. Appealing to each of your major client categories with hand-tailored packages built to please them is the perfect way to delight your leads into signing up for your weekly services and satisfy your current clients with package deals that suit them perfectly.

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