8 Pieces of Information Your Field Service Agents Need to Have on Hand – 2019

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8 Pieces of Information Your Field Service Agents Need to Have on Hand – 2019

A winning combination of service and professionalism is the cornerstone of customer satisfaction in the field service industry. Arriving on time and prepared for a service visit is essential to maximising time and delighting customers. Below are the top eight pieces of information your field service agents need to have on hand when making house calls.

1) Customer Contact Details

Incorrect or incomplete customer contact information can delay a field service visit or prevent a field agent from performing required work. By having the customer’s complete contact information on hand, field service agents can stay on schedule and properly access job sites. Here is the basic contact information that a field service agent should always have on hand:

  • Full name of the key point of contact at the home or facility requiring the service
  • A complete physical address of the home or business where the service is required
  • A telephone number for the key point of contact
  • Email address of the key contact person

2) Special Instructions for Accessing a Home or Facility

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Imputing passwords on an electronic door lock.

Sometimes field agents are unable to perform their job duties due to difficulty accessing a property. In many cases, these property access challenges can be solved by providing field agents with special instructions required to access a home or business. A few variables to consider are as follows:

  • Protective pets: Arm agents with steps to take if threatening dogs or other pets pose a threat to their safety or ability to enter a property
  • Access codes: Make sure agents have access codes required to pass through a security gate or enter a private housing complex
  • Parking considerations: Service agents should have parking instructions on hand as some properties have parking restrictions

3) A Description of the Purpose of the Visit

Service agents should know exactly why they are being dispatched to a customer’s residence or facility. For instance, they should know whether they need to perform routine inspection, cleaning, preventive maintenance, or repair of malfunctioning equipment. If the purpose of the visit is to service or repair a machine or piece of equipment, the description should include the manufacturer, make, model, and the serial number of the product(s) that need attention. In addition to the purpose of the visit, the agent should also know the level of urgency of the call.

4) The Customer’s Service History

Access to a customer’s history can help expedite an upcoming service call by alerting the agent about a customer’s past problems, special needs, or and any parts or consumables that may require replacement on a machine. This information is especially important if a field agent is making a follow-up visit to complete a repair or maintenance item that could not be completed during an initial visit. Some key pieces of information to have are as follows:

  • The date of the last service visit
  • Warranty details and expiration date
  • The date the machine was purchased (if available)
  • A summary of any past maintenance issues
  • Any replacement parts installed

5) A Copy of the Service Manual for Any Equipment Being Inspected

Experienced field technicians are often able to complete a service call without needing access to a service manual. However, complex problems, uncommon devices, or newly released products can present challenges to even the most seasoned field service agents. In these cases, a copy of the product’s service manual can be helpful during the troubleshooting process or identifying the specific steps to take to ensure that a product is being maintained according to manufacturer specifications. An electronic version of the manual is especially helpful as agents can use a tablet or other mobile device to quickly conduct an online search of the manual for specific problems or components.

6) The Most Common Spare Parts Required for Any Machines Being Serviced

Customers are more likely to be dissatisfied with field agents who are not able to resolve an issue during the initial service visit. While the most accomplished field agents can quickly diagnose equipment problems and know which spare parts are required, new agents often require assistance in this area. For instance, some of the most common hot water heater parts include heating elements, gas valves, and tanks. Agents should have access to a list of these key parts before conducting a visit and should plan to have them on hand in their service vehicle for immediate access in case replacements are required.

7) The Customer’s Payment Arrangements

Businesses differ widely in terms of their acceptable modes of payment. Some require payment in advance while others require payment upon completion of services rendered. Some businesses allow customers to remit payment within 30 days of receiving service, while others offer special financing terms. Regardless of the agreed-upon payment arrangement, field service agents need to be able to access any predetermined payment arrangements.

8) Product Recommendations 

Top-notch field service agents ensure that customers receive product recommendations that will maximise their ROI. When questions arise about a machine or piece of equipment, customers need to know they can depend on their field service technician to recommend the best product option to meet their specific needs. Moreover, field agents should know when to recommend a repair and when to suggest a product replacement.

The Bottom Line

Robust field service is essential to ensuring a positive customer experience. From providing routine preventive maintenance to emergency repairs, field agents play a key role in the success of companies in industries such as HVAC, pest control, plumbing, cleaning, and more. And with real-time access to the eight pieces of information referenced above, today’s agents are able to provide customers with the highest, most efficient level of service.

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