8 Ideas to Get Your Service Techs Involved in Content Marketing

8 Ideas to Get Your Service Techs Involved in Content Creation

8 Ideas to Get Your Service Techs Involved in Content Marketing

Most local service businesses never get the full potential out of their techs.

Their valuable, practical skills and technical knowledge are put to good use in the field, but they can also benefit another part of your field service business: your content marketing strategy!

Content marketing in many ways helps humanize your brand. What better way for people to interact with your field service company than to introduce them to your technicians?

Today, we’re discussing eight ways you can get your technicians involved in content creation.

1) Photos


One of the most obvious ways to get your technicians involved is through photos. Most of the time, you’re already paying for your technicians’ phones in order to help with your service scheduling. Why not use the high-quality cameras already mounted directly in these devices?

Have your technicians take photos of themselves and others performing the services you offer, of the products you’re selling/installing, of “before and after” photos, and of each other around the office.

Use these photos to humanize your brand, and please, for the love of everything, stop using stock photos that no one will recognize on your website. Instead, use photos of your actual staff in action!

2) How-To Videos

This one is so obvious, but so little field service companies make their own online video series. Many HVAC or plumbing companies think they need to be the next DIY or HGTV Network in order to make a high-traffic how-to video.

We have a challenge for you: go to YouTube and type in something like “How to Clean Your AC’s drain line.” Notice how the most popular videos are usually made by a guy using his phone to shoot some terrible-quality video—but that video is usually packed with practical knowledge.

In content marketing, half the battle is just getting something done, rather than getting it perfect.

3) List Posts


Technicians are sometimes some of the most opinionated people in the world.

Put this to good use by aggregating all of the opinions into a quick, handy list for your customers to consume. To spice things up even more, take the plain text and add visuals like photos or graphic design elements using your company’s color scheme.

These lists can be branded as coming from local experts, and they can be on any topic relating to your local service business.

4) Customer Reviews

For a local service business, reviews aren’t just good for content marketing.

They’re so essential that you should consider placing them into your work order management. Encourage your team to consistently ask customers to give them reviews online. These could be written, audio, and/or video reviews.

Reviews can be used in a variety of places, including social media, email marketing, website content, and even on your quoting documents and sales sheets.

5) Content Interviews

Want to make your tech feel like a rockstar and boost morale? Sit him down and pay him for an interview about your industry.

All you need is an audio recording device (again, most phones will work) and about 15 minutes with one of your service techs. As you record, ask him questions about your industry, what it’s like to work in a local service business, and anything that you want his expert opinion on.

This type of content is extremely versatile, especially if you use it as a launching pad for creating other content, most notably articles and blogs.

6) Quotations

From the practical to the humourous, your techs are saying memorable things all the time.

If you can get them down on paper, they can be content marketing gold. You can use quotations in a variety of ways, but the most effective way is to pair them with an image and use them on social media and email marketing platforms.

Gather your quotations, find an image (or list template), and just overlay the text on the photo.

7) Podcasts


While it’s still an emerging medium, more and more people are switching from radio to podcasts in the car. Techs can not only help you create great visual content, but audio content as well.

Podcasting is a great way to network with influencers within your industry, build a committed audience, and gain a voice in an emerging, less saturated space.

More than likely, you have interesting, practical, and funny conversations with your techs. Those sorts of organic interactions could really connect with your target customers in your local area!

8) eBook

Whether you run a cleaning service, maintenance service, HVAC, electrical, or plumbing company, what your industry really needs is some candor.

You are an expert in your trade, and more than likely the majority of its complicated technical jargon confuses your customers all the time. Transparency and the “tell-all” type of content works extremely well with longer form content.

You’ll need lots of input to drive this content forward. Set up an audio recorder, grab some paper or a whiteboard, and brainstorm the answer to a specific question from one of your customers. Create an outline of the eBook and then fill in the blanks with some ad copy.

Multiple perspectives will help you avoid writer’s block, help you see different angles, and be more thorough.

By bringing your team together, you’ll be able to exponentially increase your ability to fill your content queues, attract your customer’s eye online, and impact your business’s bottom line. Don’t waste the talent sitting right at your fingertips!

Do you have any tips and techniques to get your team involved in the content marketing process for your company?

We’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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