field agent using technology to look at scheduling

7 Reasons to Sync Up Information Between Your Field Agents and Your Main Office – 2019

Field service agents have the challenging job of balancing their professional skills with the interpersonal demands of a customer-centric role. To do this, they rely on the main office that's organised, accountable, and communicative. Similarly, office managers and administrators rely on agents who are not only skilled but also efficient and well-organised. Both office managers and field service agents benefit enormously from the ability to access, record, and communicate up-to-date information on the go. However, outdated paper or spreadsheet-based systems decrease efficiency in [...]

Mechanic talking to customer in garage, giving her service estimates

Four Reasons to Print Service Estimates On the Spot – 2019

Any great field agent knows the one surefire way to up the chances of a client working with your business: offering quick, accurate, on-the-spot service estimates. These estimates help customers feel secure and empowered as they begin the journey of trying to select a service provider; not only do most come with the added benefit of a price guarantee, but they also serve as a reminder of your company and make black-and-white comparisons against other organisations simple. It's not just clients [...]

plumber at customer's house

The Real Cost of Being Ten Minutes Late to a Customer’s House – 2019

It's easy to be late. Some bad traffic here or a late appointment there, and suddenly you arrive at a client's house a few minutes after you're supposed to. It doesn't seem like a big deal. But regardless of whether or not you intended for it, the short and long-term costs of this mishap can be devastating. In many ways, field service professionals have to contend with unpredictable scenarios. Among difficult customers, billing problems, and jobs that are difficult to [...]

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8 Pieces of Information Your Field Service Agents Need to Have on Hand – 2019

A winning combination of service and professionalism is the cornerstone of customer satisfaction in the field service industry. Arriving on time and prepared for a service visit is essential to maximising time and delighting customers. Below are the top eight pieces of information your field service agents need to have on hand when making house calls. 1) Customer Contact Details Incorrect or incomplete customer contact information can delay a field service visit or prevent a field agent from performing required work. By having [...]

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Top 8 Tips for Sending Appointment Reminders to Field Service Customers – 2019

In no industry are appointment reminders more important than field service. Doctors and hair stylists alike may be annoyed when someone misses their appointment. But customers don't come to you in their own time. Your team actually drives out to a customer's home or business and arrives at their door. Meaning that if the client has forgotten their appointment, at best you have wasted a trip. At worst, customers can be quite unpleasantly surprised, even if they made and [...]

Most User-Friendly Field Service Management Software

Call of Service Captures Capterra’s Most User Friendly and Most Affordable Field Service Software Awards

Once again, industry experts have recognized Call of Service to be one of the best software packages in its field. In the 2018 version of its annual Field Service Management Software awards, Capterra announced this spring that our platform ranged near the top in both the user-friendly and affordable categories. Each year, the awards are an opportunity to showcase the features and benefits Call of Service can provide. Field Service Management has become a crucial task for any business working [...]

How to Improve the Service Quality of Your Appliance Repair Business

People think of a home as being made of walls and a roof but a modern residence needs a lot more than just the structure to be comfortable and welcoming. Most of us don't realize just how important appliances like the water heater, HVAC, stove, or washing machine are to us until one of them breaks and the entire home routine is thrown out of balance. In terms of some of the more vital appliances, a home can become [...]

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How to Use SMS Text Messages For Fantastic Service Industry Customer Support

Because every business is formed by individuals and designed to provide specific services to a targeted audience, each company chooses their own suite of communication styles, software, and tools. Some businesses are satisfied with just phone or email while others spread so social media in order to build an online following. These methods may work well for other businesses but in the service industry, you need to be able to contact your customers incredibly quickly just in case something [...]